Internet marketing experts agree that online reviews on websites like Yelp, Facebook, and Google can do a lot to boost your search engine optimization and drive more traffic to your business’s website. But, for business centers, client testimonials can be great assets when educating prospects about the value of your center services.  Business center clients come from a variety of industries.    And, each type of business owner will use those services in a way specifically attuned to their business needs.   It is helpful to have those nuanced uses on hand to share with prospects considering business centers.   We also, at times, face the objection from prospects that they cannot see how making the transition from traditional office space to a business center could work for them.  When we can share the reviews from current clients doing the same type of work as the prospect, it shows the prospect with clear evidence that your center services can serve them well.

Below, I’ve linked to some video testimonials that a couple of my clients have produced for their customer testimonials.