The serviced office industry is driven by advancements in technology. We’re able to offer remote receptionist services because of the advent of voice-over-IP (VOIP). We can easily schedule our meeting room services using the multitude of online reservation systems now available to us. And, accounting for our industry has also been improved because of highly customizable web-based software. In this blog post, I will share a few of the other tech solutions available that can help us operate more efficiently and provide an added level of customer service.


SmartAlert is a package management and notification system designed for businesses that provide mail receipt services, namely apartment communities, mailbox stores, and serviced office centers. With SmartAlert, centers can send out mail alerts instantly when a package arrives for a customer. Using any Apple or Android mobile device with the SmartAlert app, center staff scans the package, sends a notification to the recipient, and can have the recipient sign for the package when they come to pick it up. SmartAlert is a fully cloud-based system, so there is no hardware or software required to implement the service. At the time of this writing, SmartAlert offers a free trial period to try out the service, and after that trial, services start at $39 per month.

SmartAlert provides added assurance to our customers that they are being notified immediately of a package’s arrival. They also have the convenience of receiving an email rather than waiting to check their mailbox for a paper notice of the package. SmartAlert also allows centers to archive the package receipt and delivery process, so that in the event of a missing package, there is documentation of how it was handled at the center. An additional advantage of the SmartAlert system is that it’s ran on a mobile app, making it easier for center staff to scan the item right away without disrupting whatever task is running on their computer screen.


In the service office industry, our receptionists wear many hats. Often, they are called away from the front desk to provide support for customers in other parts of the building. Traditionally, we’ve used call bells to summons the receptionist back to his or her post, but LobbyLink brings the call bell into the 21st century. When the receptionist is away, LobbyLink greets guests and notifies the party that they’re looking for that they’ve arrived using a Apple application on an iPad. LobbyLink gives front desk staff the flexibility to be an asset all over the serviced office center without diminishing the first impression experience. LobbyLink is interactive, engaging, and immediately responsive to customers’ needs.

LobbyLink’s pricing is based on how many people the guest can choose to notify of their arrival. Use of LobbyLink is free for up to two employees to be called. The cost per person up to 10 additional people is $4, however from 12-100 people the cost is just $40. LobbyLink provides custom prices for over 100 callable contacts.

Adobe Document CloudDocument-Cloud-I

Adobe Document Cloud provides simple e-signature services using the most common electronic document file type, .pdf. Formerly called Adobe Echosign, Adobe Document Cloud eSign Service allows centers to send documents to customers via email and have them sign them instantly without requiring them to print, scan, and email the document back. As an added perk, Adobe Document Cloud is fully integrate-able with, the CRM that Office Suite Strategies uses and recommends.

Adobe Document Cloud has a wide range of pricing options, most of which require at least an annual commitment. If you like the idea of incorporating e-signature into your center’s document flow, but the commitments and costs required by Adobe Document Cloud are prohibitive, checkout and These require more work on your customer’s part to set up their signature, but they are available for less exspense and commitment than Adobe Document Cloud.