The serviced office industry requires exemplary customer service. We actually consider ourselves to be more in the hospitality industry than in the real estate or office industries. In fact, to be truly successful in this business, we should go beyond providing great customer service to making a commitment to proactive customer care.  Here are three strategies to boosting the service level at your center:

1. Make Client Communication Your PrioritySocial-Customer-Care-300x300

Schedule meetings with 3 clients every week to discuss their business. Ask for feedback and learn what works best for them about your center.  Use this information not only to better service them but also to better anticipate the needs of your clients in general. By having your staff conduct regular consultations with your current clients, they become better educated about what services and features are truly valuable to their businesses. The staff can use this opportunity to provide some extra motivation to your client, assist them with goal setting and accountability, and show support for their growth and success. The staff also gains anecdotal sales collateral to use when introducing prospective clients to your center.

2. Offer a Customer Loyalty Program


Implementing a customer loyalty program adds value to your current clients’ virtual office package. It also shows that you appreciate their business by providing preferred pricing on certain services. Office Suite Strategies managed centers have separate (hourly) meeting room pricing set up for our clients that is lower than the walk-in rate. All clients, even those with the lowest priced package of mail receipt only, receive preferred pricing on our hourly meeting rooms. Our current preferred pricing rates are 20% below market rates. Take every opportunity to remind your customers that they qualify for this special pricing, and let them know that the discount is extended because of their loyalty to the center. Include a weekly post on your center’s online communication (e-newsletters, social media, and message boards) that promotes the customer loyalty advantage. Additionally, ensure that your prospective clients are well educated on the loyalty discount incentive. This program could make all the difference when securing new clients and retaining current ones.

3. Facilitate Collaboration


Look for ways to constantly provide more collaborative and networking opportunities to your clients. This is an additional way to increase the value of your center to the professionals who use it. Our experience shows that when our clients are friends with each other, their office experience is more enjoyable leading to longer commitments to the center (the sticky factor). We also find that when centers offer collaborative and networking events, clients see the center as more valuable and are, therefore, willing to pay more for services.  Remember that most of the professionals that are attracted to the services our centers provide are in business for themselves and by themselves. So, having an environment where they are able to engage with professionals in similar situations is an invaluable feature for them.

Final thoughts…

By providing exemplary service and proactive customer care, your clients will become even more loyal than they are today.  Clients want to partner with people who know their business.  If we make it easy for them to do business with us, the chance of them staying with us are greater!  Bottom line: Customer Care makes renewals effortless and obtaining new clients easier.  All in all, a steadfast commitment to customer care means more revenue for your center.