Office Suite Strategies’ Portfolio of Managed Serviced Office Centers Extends to Plano, Texas and Palm Desert, California

Office Suite Strategies is proud to announce two new serviced office centers under its management. The first is Palm Desert Office Suites (PDOS) located in the heart of the Coachella Valley in Palm Desert, California. Motivated by Palm Desert’s growth as a business district, Debonne Property Management, Inc. retained Office Suite Strategies to develop and manage Palm Desert Office Suites.

Office Suite Strategies began work with Debonne in early 2016. Karen Condi, Office Suite Strategies’ president, led the build out, staff recruitment, and marketing of PDOS in preparation of their grand opening. The class A serviced office center located at 74-710 Highway 111, Suite 102 in Village Court features 24 offices, 2 meeting rooms, cutting edge technology, and virtual office services. This location will immediately be recognized as one of Palm Desert’s premier addresses. “We are excited to have the opportunity to work with Debonne Property Management to bring a serviced office suite to the Palm Desert market,” says Condi.

The market data showed clearly that Palm Desert is the ideal location for furnished and flexible office solutions. “The Palm Desert economy is experiencing considerable growth, and the need for more cost-effective office space without a long-term commitment continues to increase with it,” says Condi. “In response Palm Desert Office Suites blends affordable, fully furnished office space and workspace solutions with advanced technology, high-level service, professional support, and flexible agreement terms.”

CityCentral, located in Plano, Texas, is Office Suite Strategies’ latest addition and is scheduled to open January 1, 2017. NewGate Development secured Office Suite Strategies to develop and manage the CityCentral project, which will be housed in a 35,000 square foot facility. “When we began looking for the right company to work with on the development and management of our executive workplace project we quickly determined Office Suite Strategies was the right partner with the proven track record we were looking for,” says Mike Comegys, President, NewGate Development.

The Office Suite Strategies team is thrilled to be working with NewGate Development on CityCentral and with Debonne Property Management on Palm Desert Office Suites. Office Suite Strategies’ thorough market analysis in both areas indicates that these centers will meet growing demand for flexible and affordable workspace alternatives. If you are interested in learning more about how Office Suite Strategies works with property owners to develop profitable service office companies, contact Karen Condi at


Serviced Office Centers and Outsourcing Content Creation

Producing online content for serviced office centers has three major benefits:

  1. When you regularly generate posts, you provide added value to your members’ experience with your organization.
  2. Your content serves as a marketing and advertising tool especially when shared by your members and network.
  3. You build your search engine optimization so that you can be more easily found online.

The major roadblock to creating a blog and posting on social media for most of the serviced office centers that I have worked with is that there is no one on staff with the time or writing skill to take on the responsibility.  This roadblock is easily overcome by outsourcing content creation to a freelancer or agency that is dedicated to that function.   Here, I’ll share some information on the different types of content companies to work with, features to look for, and warning signs to avoid.

Content Outsourcing Companies for Serviced Office Centers

There are two major categories of content production service providers: agencies and freelancers.

Agencies are businesses that generally employ several types of content creators: writers, graphic designers, videographers, and photographers. Agencies might also employ experts in marketing, advertising, and search engine optimization. If the agency is a larger one, you might be assigned an account manager who directs the creative and marketing team that works with your brand directly to fill your content needs. While smaller agencies might give you direct access to the person/people actually producing the content.

When you work with freelancers, you’re always working directly with the person who does the work. The advantage of working with an agency is that you benefit from the collective knowledge and experience from the entire staff assigned to your account. Agencies also have editors that review and proof your content before it’s pushed out for your audience to see. Because freelancers are in business for themselves and by themselves usually, it’s unlikely that they will be able to offer the editorial advantage. That means you may have to spend some time reviewing their content before it’s posted. And while a freelance writers tend to have an understanding of SEO as it pertains to content, they might be at a slight disadvantage when it comes to coding posts for searchability.

Must-Have Features

Whether you go with a freelancer or an agency, there are a few key features that your content creation server should offer.

  • You want to make sure that they have experience writing for commercial real estate, entrepreneurship, and business owner audiences. They need to be able to offer insightful and well-researched pieces that appeal to your serviced office centers’ current and potential members and referral partners.
  • The company you use should offer some type of analytics or reporting option to prove that the content they produce is driving traffic to your website and boosting your search engine optimization. Without this, you can’t fully see if the value they bring is worth the expense.
  • Before you begin working with the content creation service, you should get a formal agreement in place. Agencies are likely to have packaged services and set terms and conditions.  However, freelancers may be more flexible in their agreements.  In both cases, ensure that the service they’re going to provide and the fees they’re going to charge are in writing.

Warning Signs to Avoid

There are some major red flags you’ll want to steer clear of when choosing your outsource service provider for online content creation.   The first warning sign is a company that cannot provide you with a reference from a customer.  This indicates the company or freelancer hasn’t had enough positive experience with customers to give a reference either due to time in business or dissatisfactory service.  Either way, your serviced office center deserves a seasoned content creator that does quality work, and you can’t be sure that a company can provide that without hearing it from a satisfied customer.  Don’t rely on the company’s own website testimonials alone.  Another warning sign that applies to freelancers mainly is lack of business structure.  Many freelancers work their businesses part-time, so they may have other obligations that can push your content to low priority.  Ensure that if you use a freelance provider, they take their business seriously, have a formal agreement in place, and adhere to a standard for turnaround time and production deadlines.

Final Thoughts

Outsourcing your content creation for your social media and blog can be a huge time-saver for serviced office centers.  Office Suite Strategies is a leader in content creation for the workspace services industry.  We provide all the flexibility and attentiveness of a freelance writer with the experience and team of resources of an agency.  Office Suite Strategies has spent countless hours of research to set up our team of writers.  After finding our team, we have invested even more time educating them on the nuances of our industry.  We have streamlined the process of delivering our clients’ message through their blogs, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and various other social media outlets. Content creation with Office Suite Strategies is an effective marketing tool.  Whether you want to establish a content creating partnership long-term or to have a one-time press release written, please contact me to set a time to talk.

Receptionist services provided by PROS

Receptionist Services Outsourcing at Your Serviced Office Center

Receptionist services are among the mainstay offerings of the serviced office center.  Members expect to have a friendly, professional receptionist available on-site and over-the-phone to boost the professional image of their business.  Meeting this expectation can be near impossible for serviced office centers when the reception staff is responsible for greeting guests in-person and managing calls.  For centers with a large number of members using receptionist services, that reception staff can be easily overwhelmed by ringing phones which hampers their ability to welcome to customers in the lobby.  New centers can struggle with providing the top level of service to guests and callers as the receptionist is also the center manager who must balance sales and business operations responsibilities as well.   I developed PROS, Professional Receptionist Outsourcing Services, to help serviced office providers meet and exceed member expectations for impeccable receptionist services.

Receptionist Services with

The PROS Advantage

Elevate First Impressions

First impressions impact your bottom line in the workspace services industry.  How so?

  • First, the flagship products of the workspace services industry are temporary and virtual offices.  The key value to these products is that they amp up the professional image of the business people that use them.  So, the serviced office center must be present the best possible first impressions on behalf of their members in order to solidify that professional image.
  • Second, quality first impressions encourage lead conversion.  When a prospect enters your center, you want them to be impressed by the quality of service and attention to their needs.  That way, they are more likely to invest in services at your center so that their customers and colleagues can have that same experience.
  • Third, first impressions enhance member loyalty.  When your attentive reception staff greets your members warmly every time they visit, they are nurturing the relationship with that member which motivates long-term commitment to the center.

PROS allows your on-site receptionist staff to make the best possible first impressions to all visitors to your serviced office center.

By using PROS, you remove the distraction and burden of ringing phones from your on-site reception staff.  They can focus on providing on-site receptionist services that consistently deliver outstanding first impressions.  Meanwhile, PROS staff is dedicated to making sure your members callers are greeted with the same warm, professional, and cheerful impression over-the-phone.

Increase Revenue

When receptionist services are handled in-house, many serviced office centers are only able to offer basic call answering at a flat rate.   Charging for excessive call volume,  minutes spent, messages taken, etc.  becomes an accounting, tracking, and reporting nightmare for the staff responsible.   However, PROS software tracks all of these usage details and delivers reports on a monthly basis so that centers can bill appropriately for charges that would have slipped through the cracks.

Using PROS, new centers can provide more advanced and higher capacity call answering services that would be too expensive to implement in-house.   Software, equipment, and staff are costly expenditures to commit to especially for centers in ramp-up phase.  The cost to get started with PROS is substantially less, comparatively.   And, with PROS, serviced office centers don’t have to turn down members with large staff for whom they can provide the physical workspace just because they cannot meet their demand for call answering services.  PROS also has a bilingual receptionist available to Spanish-speaking callers.

Unlock Productivity

Providing receptionist services is a full-time job.  Even if the phones aren’t ringing off the hook every moment of the day, receptionist have to be ready to answer calls at any time making complete concentration on other tasks difficult.   Working with PROS allows receptionists to balance their responsibilities more effectively because they won’t be interrupted by the unpredictable phone.  Additionally, your receptionists can be called away from the desk at times to assist members and their guests with center equipment, set up a meeting room, or provide administrative support.  When this happens, your receptionist services are at risk.  As the center owner, you have to weigh the cost of losing productivity to receptionist services and losing receptionist services to productivity.

This is a dilemma that’s completely avoidable when you implement PROS.   Our highly trained, professional PROS receptionist’s productive day is only answering your members’ calls.  Calls always ring to the receptionist that is free to answer, so no caller is left unattended.  It is our mission at PROS to provide full service receptionist services so that your on-site staff can be more productive in accelerating your business’s growth.


Contact PROS today to learn more about we can be your partner for outsourced receptionist services: | | 800-216-1646

How Serviced Office Space Helps Save Time Lost Elsewhere

Keeping busy with work can be a good thing, but not when it’s keeping you from the core aspects of your business.  Small business owners don’t count the words ‘down time’ as part of their vocabulary. Any opportunity to save time on incidental tasks or tasks that can be outsourced can be a boon for a small business owner trying to juggle more balls than any one person should be able. Our serviced office space can take care of the mundane tasks so you can focus on what matters most; your clients and the success of your business!  Here, you will find a few ways in which our team can accommodate your needs and save you valuable time.

Serviced Office Space Reception Services Reduce Loss of Productive Time

Our offices provide personal reception services with highly skilled staff who are able to handle a multitude of tasks for the busy small business owner. No longer will you get caught on calls that might take up productive time with less than valuable discussion topics (like which internet carrier you are currently using). The team at our office suites can screen calls for you so you can decide to take the call now or later. What else can our professional team take off your plate? We’re glad you asked. They can set appointments, handle incoming and outgoing mail or packages as well as greet your clients and screen walk-ins.


Save Moving Time with Fully Furnished Office Suites

One of the most difficult parts of moving is the actual moving. Our office suites make it easy! We provide fully furnished office space specific to your needs. Whether for one or three employees, we can work with you on the setup, handling the heavy lifting for you! Forget wasting time with measurements, shopping for and ordering expensive furniture and losing a day lugging it all in. Save your sanity (and your back) with our office suites.

Office Suite Meeting Rooms Save Commute Time

With the meeting rooms available at all our office suite locations, no longer will you worry about getting there on time. The days of commute time eating up your day as you drive to meet a client or vendor will be history. Our offices have meeting rooms available with everything you need to make your next presentation a success! Presentation and meeting tools like televisions, projector screens, white boards and more are available for your use. Whether you just need it for an hour or the whole day, our meeting rooms are as flexible as you require and our professional team is always happy to schedule them for you.

Our Coffee-Stocked Breakrooms with Refrigerator Save You from Coffee and Lunch Runs

Unlimited coffee and water help to keep you and your staff at work instead of running to the nearest coffee shop for a pick-me-up. Additionally, with a refrigerator in our breakroom, you can avoid time spent going out for lunch and bring your own on those days when you need to really buckle down and get things done. In this case, you will not only save time but money as well!  When it comes to your clients, our reception staff will offer them a refreshing beverage as well, which can be a major boost to their day and they will thank you for it!

Utilities and Janitorial Services Are Managed by Our Professional Team

Need blazing fast internet? We got it! Light bulb burnt out? We’re on it! Our facilities provide additional staff to help with incidental needs so you don’t have to. No one wants to spend an hour or even ten minutes of their day on the phone with their internet service provider or phone company. With our service plans, which can include phone service if you wish, we do all the work for you. Set up and connection are a couple of the services that we will take off your hands. The same goes for cleaning and replacement of light bulbs or other building maintenance that falls under our care. One more item to check off the list of things that won’t be wasting your time any longer.

24/7 Office Access is Available

You never know when inspiration will strike! Come in at the time that is best for you; adjust your commute to avoid rush hour or stay late if you’re a night owl. Our offices are accessible at any time so you can work on your own terms.

We work hard to make sure you are able to make the most of your productivity. Our staff knows how important saving time and money can be when you’re a small business owner. Let us save you time today, contact one of our locations around the country for more information!