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Why Landlords and Property Managers can Benefit from the Coworking Trend

Coworking is the new “normal”, and it’s not only attracting freelancers and entrepreneurs, but also corporates and property managers. What started off as a trend ten years ago is now revolutionizing the way people think about the workplace and about space in general. Today’s world is powered by experience; the ability of spaces to offer […]

3 Reasons Why Your Cell Phone Should Not Be Your Business Phone

Though the idea of having 2 cell phones is daunting as it is, there is a good reason why all major businesses around the world make sure their employees have a separate personal and professional phone number. And though entrepreneurs might be tempted to keep their number for all personal and business purposes, this is […]

5 Tips for Creating Your Own Coworking Space

Coworking spaces have flourished across the globe, as entrepreneurs, freelancers, and companies of all sizes embrace this new type of working environment. These types of workspaces are known for driving collaboration, innovation, and productivity and for having a strong sense of community. Many are now aware of the benefits of coworking spaces, and demand for […]

Coworking Is Not Just for Freelancers & Entrepreneurs Anymore; Big Business Too

The first modern-day coworking space opened back in 2005 in San Francisco. Shortly after, many other coworking spaces followed, opening to offer working space for freelancers and entrepreneurs who used to mostly work from home or coffee shops. Fast-forward 13 years and coworking is still around, although with a different value proposition and business model. […]

Why Coworking Operators Should Look to The Suburbs for Growth

“There are three main sources of net population growth for a city: foreign immigration, net domestic urban migration when people move from one city to another, and old-fashioned urbanization—people moving from the country to the city or from a small city to bigger city. When you look at the current population flows—and more importantly the […]

4 Essentials That Persuade Companies You’re the Expert They Should Hire

According to USA Today, consulting full time can pay as much as $175,000 a year. Now, before you set out to sell your services, you need to truly know and understand what it is companies are looking for in a consultant. Once you have that clear, then you’ll know what to do and say in […]

5 Coworking Space Marketing Tips to Drive More Members

We know the benefits of coworking spaces. We know you, as a coworking space owner or manager also know the benefits of a coworking space. But, does your local community know and truly understand the benefits? Over the past several years coworking has proved itself to be a successful and sustainable business model. However, as […]

Positioning Your Coworking & Shared Space for Success in 2018

2017 is quickly coming to an end, and believe it or not, this is a good time to start thinking and planning for 2018. After all, it’s always better to start early than to have to catch up late. January can be a slow month for coworking and shared workspace operators, especially as many are […]

Building a Strong Brand: Four Strategic Moves for Startups

It’s a problem every new business has to face: what can you do to make your brand not only stand out but stand the test of time? Getting strategic is key to success. If longevity is your goal, you can’t simply mimic the tactics of your biggest competitors. For authenticity’s sake, you will have to […]

Office Evolution Conference RECAP

The Global Workspace Association’s 2017 conference was packed with workspace tours, insights, and trends. Titled “Office Evolution Conference”, the three day event (Nov. 8-10) held in Brooklyn, NY delivered key information and knowledge on the future of the workplace. The takeaway: it’s not only an office evolution, it’s also a revolution. Hosted alongside NAIOP (Commercial […]