Serviced Office Centers Support Solopreneurship

Beyond serving as a professional and high-quality workspace, serviced office centers can also provide the support staff solopreneurs need to grow and flourish in their businesses. Here, I’ll share three types of staff members that are available within serviced office centers. Receptionists Most serviced office centers provide a professional receptionist to answer calls to their […]

Infographic: Solopreneurship101

The term “Solopreneur” is a portmanteau of solo and entrepreneur. The executive suite industry’s services are particularly attractive to solopreneurs for three reasons. One, office business centers offer a support staff that is accessible to the solopreneur, but he/she is not responsible for generating payroll for them. Two, the solopreneur can stay as lean as […]

Interview with a Business Center Manager

The business center managers at Office Suite Strategies managed centers are vital to their success and growth. Below is a quick interview with the general manager at Green Hills Office Suites, Trisha Boyd.  She began her serviced office industry career working remotely during the renovation phase of the center which is located in the Green […]

Enhance your Referral Relationships with Conventional Real Estate Professionals

Building referral relationships is an essential part of growing any business.  This is especially true of the very competitive serviced office center industry.  It says a lot to the prospect when the services of your business center are recommended by someone directly.  Conventional real estate brokers and agents are great referral partners for business centers.  Here, […]