Coworking Is Not Just for Freelancers & Entrepreneurs Anymore; Big Business Too

The first modern-day coworking space opened back in 2005 in San Francisco. Shortly after, many other coworking spaces followed, opening to offer working space for freelancers and entrepreneurs who used to mostly work from home or coffee shops. Fast-forward 13 years and coworking is still around, although with a different value proposition and business model.

While it used to be that freelancers, entrepreneurs, and startups were the main users of these collaborative spaces; the trend has shifted to include medium-sized businesses and large corporations. Corporate coworking has been around for a few years now, though it wasn’t until recently that it became a widespread trend across the world for companies to incorporate coworking spaces into their real estate strategy.

There are several reasons why corporates started to embrace the coworking movement. One of the most attractive value propositions of coworking today is the flexibility that these spaces offer and their ability to connect people and bring them together. Yet, there’s more. One of the main reasons why large companies are partnering with coworking providers is to provide a workspace experience that contributes to employee wellness.

Wellness is more than eating healthy and having an active lifestyle–it’s about mental health, about productivity, and about experience. As the lines of work and life continue to blur, companies need to find creative ways in which to make the workspace a destination for their employees; a place where they want to be and they will be empowered to be and perform their best.

Coworking spaces offer several amenities that contribute to wellness in the workspace, and companies have taken different approaches to this. While some large enterprises have opened their own coworking spaces, others have partnered with existing operators in order to manage their space.

Wellness is one key value proposition, but so is innovation. Change comes fast and often in today’s tech-driven world, and companies need to be resilient and innovative to remain competitive in a global market. Innovation can be powered by ‘healthy collision’, when people are forced to interact with one another, sharing and challenging existing ideas. Coworking spaces, because they bring together individuals from various industries and lines of work, provide a perfect opportunity for company employees to mingle and ‘collide’ with one another.

This also serves another purpose: attracting and retaining talent–one of the most common challenges most companies face today. Providing an attractive workspace, combined with the opportunity to work with the best and brightest of different industries can be a great motivator for a person to join and stay with one company. On the corporate side, this type of arrangement will aid them in keeping an eye out on talent, startups that they might be interested in acquiring, and help their current team create creative products, services, or solutions.


5 Coworking Space Marketing Tips to Drive More Members

We know the benefits of coworking spaces. We know you, as a coworking space owner or manager also know the benefits of a coworking space. But, does your local community know and truly understand the benefits?

Over the past several years coworking has proved itself to be a successful and sustainable business model. However, as with many other lines of business, it needs to be strategically planned and executed–including a marketing strategy.

While coworking is a hot word today, many people remain confused about what exactly it is and the various advantages it provides to businesses of all sizes. In lieu of this, it’s important that coworking operators have a marketing strategy that will help them educate and attract new members.

Here are five ways you can do it.

1. Spotlight your members

What better way for others to learn about the benefits of a coworking space than hearing it directly from those who have benefitted the most? Give your current members a shout out, it will help you attract new members and it will help build loyalty among your current ones.

Highlight what they do, their accomplishments, and how your coworking space has helped them grow and succeed. There are various formats to spotlighting members–from social media posts, to weekly newsletters, and even short introduction videos.

2. Send out newsletter

This can also help with attracting and retaining members. Use newsletters to spotlight your members, to send out promotions, updates, and invite people to visit your space or attend events.

Newsletters are a great way to build an online community and inform your local community about your space, the activities you organize, and the various uses of coworking spaces. You can even share some of your blog posts (if you have one, though we strongly recommend you do) or send out pricing information and the various types of membership options you offer.

P.s. Make it visually appealing and easy to read in desktop and mobile. We also suggest using a newsletter platform that can help you track who is opening and reading your newsletters.

Use social media

Social media is a powerful marketing tool and it can greatly help coworking operators showcase their space, their community, and their events. Use images, graphics, video, and plain text; however, choose your social platforms carefully and don’t sign up to all of them. Choose the ones that you believe will help you the most and make sure you have a strategy and that the content on all of your platforms is unique, yet always aligned to a common goal. And always remember, social media is mostly about being social, so make sure you interact with your followers and answers comments and questions.

Host events

Ever heard “see it to believe it”? It applies in business, as in life and sometimes people want to try something out first before committing to it. Coworking tours can help greatly, but oftentimes these don’t allow for people to experience the community. This is where hosting events for members and non-members can greatly help, as it allows people to visit your space and get a taste of the community that’s a part of it.

It doesn’t need to be a huge event; you can host yoga classes, marketing workshops, brown-bag lunches, or host a local art event.

Embrace video

Make a video of your space, of your members, of your local events…make short videos about “A Day in [Your Space] Coworking”. It’s about telling a story and demonstrating to people that your coworking space is not just a physical space where people can work from, but that rather it’s an experience.

Oftentimes images fall short on conveying the ‘flow and life’ of a space and its people. Video is great solution that can be easily integrated to other marketing efforts. However, don’t go making long videos; keep them short and sweet, and share them often.

Remember that marketing is not just about sharing content, you have to have a strategy, a purpose, and a holistic approach in order for the efforts to be fruitful. If you need help coming up with a marketing strategy or deciding which approaches will work best for your space, reach out to us.

Selecting an Outsource Service Provider

As we head into the summer months, business owners can be found looking for a few extra hours in the business day to get those critical tasks completed in order to spend more time enjoying the season after-hours. Yet, as business owners, especially those of us in the workspace services industry, we often struggle to find a hard stopping point for work activity. Hour by hour, our personal lives are de-prioritized for the sake of that never ending business to-do list. Recently, I’ve shared some posts about how business owners in my industry and in general can get back more of their time by outsourcing the most time consuming business tasks. In this post, I will share some processes and procedures you can adopt to ensure that your selecting the outsource service provider that best suits your needs.

Ask the Hard Questions

One of the major reasons to employ an outsource company to take over an element of your business is to set your mind at ease concerning that element which in turn frees up your time to accomplish more. The last thing you want is to have to spend more time than ever on that task because of a misunderstanding that could have been avoided by asking the hard questions at the start. What are the hard questions? Consider some of the biggest bottlenecks and toughest situations you’ve run into with carrying out that task in-house. Present these to your prospective outsource companies and see if they’ve had experience with solving them. Make sure also to ask about additional fees and charges that may come up if changes are made to the service agreement. You want to be sure that the company you use is the appropriate fit for both your business needs and budget.

Referrals are A Must

Work only with companies where you are able to hear from customers first-hand. Reviews and testimonials on that service provider’s website are filtered and possibly tailored to present that company in the best possible light. You get the best information from third-party review websites and/or direct phone calls to customers who’ve worked with that company before. If you cannot access a review of that company’s services in any place other than through the company itself, then there’s a high probability that they do not yet have the experience to provide the full time-saving benefits of having outsourced that task.

Know Your Point of Contact

Unless you are outsourcing to a freelancer, your prospective outsource company is likely to have a huge staff providing your services. Make sure that you know who will be your chief point of contact for service changes and adjustments after the service contract is in place. Many times the person that you worked with to set up services is a member of that company’s business development team, but the person who will be attending to your needs afterwards is a customer service representative or account manager. You need to make sure that you will have a singular point of contact that is easily accessible to you when you need to make changes or have a question. If the outsource company cannot provide an easy way to get in touch, then they might not have the attentiveness to your specific business needs to make you feel at ease enough to fully delegate that part of your business.

Final Thoughts on Selecting an Outsource Service Provider…

The overarching tip for selecting a quality outsource service provider is to make sure that the organization is a solid fit for your needs so that you can rest assured that that area of business is well handled and use your day more effectively. The purpose of outsourcing areas of your business like marketing, accounting, and/or receptionist services is so that your business can operate more efficiently and with less attention in those areas from you, the business owners.

Finance and Accounting Outsourcing for Serviced Office Centers

Finance and Accounting Outsourcing (FAO) presents a major opportunity for serviced office centers. By moving core finance functions off-site, serviced office centers can enjoy many more productive hours and insightful business analytics.

Office Suite Strategies advises hiring a business center manager with accounting experience so that they can understand profit and loss statements and have an awareness of what it takes for the business to succeed financially. But, the business center manager’s responsibilities will span the gamut operations and sales functions. It’s important that that position not be overloaded routine transactional work and accounting tasks. When using a FAO partner, serviced office centers stand to optimize the productivity of their on-site staff that manage and grow the business.

Another benefit of FAO is access to business analytics that would be difficult to track and report by on-site staff that’s not fully dedicated to an accounting role. The core finance functions required by serviced office centers do not warrant a full-time accountant. FAO partners can provide that part-time accounting staff while also having the tools and systems in place to produce regular reports on the trends that arise within your business finances. They can also offer forecasting reports to help your sales team set attainable goals. The specifics of the business analytics offered varies among FAO organizations. As you are shopping for an FAO service provider, make sure the company you choose can provide the reporting and updates you expect.

I’ve prepared the graphic below to provide some insight on how to find an FAO partner that suits your center. We at Office Suite Strategies can work with you to establish a Finance and Accounting solution that meets all of your organization’s needs as a part of our serviced office center consulting services. Contact us to learn more about how Office Suite Strategies consulting can drive your serviced office center success.


Account outsource

Receptionist services provided by PROS

Receptionist Services Outsourcing at Your Serviced Office Center

Receptionist services are among the mainstay offerings of the serviced office center.  Members expect to have a friendly, professional receptionist available on-site and over-the-phone to boost the professional image of their business.  Meeting this expectation can be near impossible for serviced office centers when the reception staff is responsible for greeting guests in-person and managing calls.  For centers with a large number of members using receptionist services, that reception staff can be easily overwhelmed by ringing phones which hampers their ability to welcome to customers in the lobby.  New centers can struggle with providing the top level of service to guests and callers as the receptionist is also the center manager who must balance sales and business operations responsibilities as well.   I developed PROS, Professional Receptionist Outsourcing Services, to help serviced office providers meet and exceed member expectations for impeccable receptionist services.

Receptionist Services with

The PROS Advantage

Elevate First Impressions

First impressions impact your bottom line in the workspace services industry.  How so?

  • First, the flagship products of the workspace services industry are temporary and virtual offices.  The key value to these products is that they amp up the professional image of the business people that use them.  So, the serviced office center must be present the best possible first impressions on behalf of their members in order to solidify that professional image.
  • Second, quality first impressions encourage lead conversion.  When a prospect enters your center, you want them to be impressed by the quality of service and attention to their needs.  That way, they are more likely to invest in services at your center so that their customers and colleagues can have that same experience.
  • Third, first impressions enhance member loyalty.  When your attentive reception staff greets your members warmly every time they visit, they are nurturing the relationship with that member which motivates long-term commitment to the center.

PROS allows your on-site receptionist staff to make the best possible first impressions to all visitors to your serviced office center.

By using PROS, you remove the distraction and burden of ringing phones from your on-site reception staff.  They can focus on providing on-site receptionist services that consistently deliver outstanding first impressions.  Meanwhile, PROS staff is dedicated to making sure your members callers are greeted with the same warm, professional, and cheerful impression over-the-phone.

Increase Revenue

When receptionist services are handled in-house, many serviced office centers are only able to offer basic call answering at a flat rate.   Charging for excessive call volume,  minutes spent, messages taken, etc.  becomes an accounting, tracking, and reporting nightmare for the staff responsible.   However, PROS software tracks all of these usage details and delivers reports on a monthly basis so that centers can bill appropriately for charges that would have slipped through the cracks.

Using PROS, new centers can provide more advanced and higher capacity call answering services that would be too expensive to implement in-house.   Software, equipment, and staff are costly expenditures to commit to especially for centers in ramp-up phase.  The cost to get started with PROS is substantially less, comparatively.   And, with PROS, serviced office centers don’t have to turn down members with large staff for whom they can provide the physical workspace just because they cannot meet their demand for call answering services.  PROS also has a bilingual receptionist available to Spanish-speaking callers.

Unlock Productivity

Providing receptionist services is a full-time job.  Even if the phones aren’t ringing off the hook every moment of the day, receptionist have to be ready to answer calls at any time making complete concentration on other tasks difficult.   Working with PROS allows receptionists to balance their responsibilities more effectively because they won’t be interrupted by the unpredictable phone.  Additionally, your receptionists can be called away from the desk at times to assist members and their guests with center equipment, set up a meeting room, or provide administrative support.  When this happens, your receptionist services are at risk.  As the center owner, you have to weigh the cost of losing productivity to receptionist services and losing receptionist services to productivity.

This is a dilemma that’s completely avoidable when you implement PROS.   Our highly trained, professional PROS receptionist’s productive day is only answering your members’ calls.  Calls always ring to the receptionist that is free to answer, so no caller is left unattended.  It is our mission at PROS to provide full service receptionist services so that your on-site staff can be more productive in accelerating your business’s growth.


Contact PROS today to learn more about we can be your partner for outsourced receptionist services: | | 800-216-1646

How Serviced Office Space Helps Save Time Lost Elsewhere

Keeping busy with work can be a good thing, but not when it’s keeping you from the core aspects of your business.  Small business owners don’t count the words ‘down time’ as part of their vocabulary. Any opportunity to save time on incidental tasks or tasks that can be outsourced can be a boon for a small business owner trying to juggle more balls than any one person should be able. Our serviced office space can take care of the mundane tasks so you can focus on what matters most; your clients and the success of your business!  Here, you will find a few ways in which our team can accommodate your needs and save you valuable time.

Serviced Office Space Reception Services Reduce Loss of Productive Time

Our offices provide personal reception services with highly skilled staff who are able to handle a multitude of tasks for the busy small business owner. No longer will you get caught on calls that might take up productive time with less than valuable discussion topics (like which internet carrier you are currently using). The team at our office suites can screen calls for you so you can decide to take the call now or later. What else can our professional team take off your plate? We’re glad you asked. They can set appointments, handle incoming and outgoing mail or packages as well as greet your clients and screen walk-ins.


Save Moving Time with Fully Furnished Office Suites

One of the most difficult parts of moving is the actual moving. Our office suites make it easy! We provide fully furnished office space specific to your needs. Whether for one or three employees, we can work with you on the setup, handling the heavy lifting for you! Forget wasting time with measurements, shopping for and ordering expensive furniture and losing a day lugging it all in. Save your sanity (and your back) with our office suites.

Office Suite Meeting Rooms Save Commute Time

With the meeting rooms available at all our office suite locations, no longer will you worry about getting there on time. The days of commute time eating up your day as you drive to meet a client or vendor will be history. Our offices have meeting rooms available with everything you need to make your next presentation a success! Presentation and meeting tools like televisions, projector screens, white boards and more are available for your use. Whether you just need it for an hour or the whole day, our meeting rooms are as flexible as you require and our professional team is always happy to schedule them for you.

Our Coffee-Stocked Breakrooms with Refrigerator Save You from Coffee and Lunch Runs

Unlimited coffee and water help to keep you and your staff at work instead of running to the nearest coffee shop for a pick-me-up. Additionally, with a refrigerator in our breakroom, you can avoid time spent going out for lunch and bring your own on those days when you need to really buckle down and get things done. In this case, you will not only save time but money as well!  When it comes to your clients, our reception staff will offer them a refreshing beverage as well, which can be a major boost to their day and they will thank you for it!

Utilities and Janitorial Services Are Managed by Our Professional Team

Need blazing fast internet? We got it! Light bulb burnt out? We’re on it! Our facilities provide additional staff to help with incidental needs so you don’t have to. No one wants to spend an hour or even ten minutes of their day on the phone with their internet service provider or phone company. With our service plans, which can include phone service if you wish, we do all the work for you. Set up and connection are a couple of the services that we will take off your hands. The same goes for cleaning and replacement of light bulbs or other building maintenance that falls under our care. One more item to check off the list of things that won’t be wasting your time any longer.

24/7 Office Access is Available

You never know when inspiration will strike! Come in at the time that is best for you; adjust your commute to avoid rush hour or stay late if you’re a night owl. Our offices are accessible at any time so you can work on your own terms.

We work hard to make sure you are able to make the most of your productivity. Our staff knows how important saving time and money can be when you’re a small business owner. Let us save you time today, contact one of our locations around the country for more information!