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Office Suite Strategies produces profitable, streamlined serviced office centers. With over 50 years of combined executive suite consulting experience in the industry, our team has expert knowledge, insight, and skill to be the perfect asset when entering the industry, improving overall operations, and reaching new success.  We provide executive suite consulting services that fall into four major categories: Consulting, Management, Development, and PROS.

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Executive Suite Consulting Learn more →

Office Suite Strategies consults with clients in any phase of their business within the executive suite industry. Leveraging our many years of executive suite consulting experience, the Office Suites Strategies team guides clients in executing investment initiatives, attracting customers, educating suppliers, working with vendors, and navigating any other of the industry’s unique challenges.

Office Suite Development Learn more →

Office Suite Strategies’ key personnel have been involved in the development, acquisition, and opening of more than 60 office suite properties throughout North America. Property owners should commit heavily to developing their properties to weather difficult economic conditions. Office Suite Strategies’ unique business development strategy has established us as the leader in the industry. We work very closely with property owners to expand and establish new office suite locations.
In situations where a property owner is having a difficult time occupying their properties or the owner is simply looking to maximize the value of their property, Office Suite Strategies will develop all or a portion of the property  into a full service Class A executive suite ready for business. These services are offered as a turn-key solution and allow the property owner to focus on running their business while Office Suite Strategies takes on the tasks of construction management through grand opening and on to day-to-day management.
We deliver in-depth feasibility studies and full market analysis for perspective new centers and current centers to determine market opportunity. During our evaluation, we capture the necessary data points to study the center’s Location, Demographics, Competitive Landscape, Operations, Sales, Marketing, and Financials among others to serve as a basis for our analysis.  Upon conclusion of our studies, we provide a full recommendation on the most appropriate business model and space planning for new centers or best practice recommendations to maximize profits for existing centers.

Office Suite Management Learn more →

The experience, processes and relationships that Office Suite Strategies holds allow us to effectively take over and manage existing serviced office properties on a moment’s notice. From troubled locations facing declining sales to properties in need of a complete overhaul, we will work with the property owner to ensure all expected operational and revenue goals are being met. Once the property is brought back to the expected state, the Office Suites Strategies team will continue to provide office suites management services for the location to make certain to location continues to operate effectively.

Call Answering ServicesLearn more →

As an expert in the field of hiring and training virtual receptionist for the Industry, we offer Professional Receptionist Outsourcing Services (PROS). Many serviced office centers provide remote receptionist services as part of their offerings. Office Suite Strategies realizes that the responsibility of answering phones can be both time consuming and limiting for center staff, especially when they are servicing the needs of clients on-site. Office Suite Strategies developed PROS to meet the needs of the executive suite industry, specifically. By outsourcing remote receptionist services to PROS, centers can offer an additional level of professionalism for its clients. PROS offers bi-lingual receptionist services as well so that centers can offer receptionist services to Spanish-speaking clientele. Learn more at

Executive Suite Marketing Learn more →

Superior marketing efforts are the key to any successful executive office suite business, gone are the days of filling space and producing revenue by just opening your doors. The most profitable business centers are diligent about executing and refining their marketing strategies. Office Suite Strategies works with each client to create a unique executive suite marketing plan that is calibrated for the specific market and situation. In addition, we review and analyze all of our clients current marketing efforts to ensure a proper ROI of their marketing spend. Our industry expertise and tested marketing strategies focus on helping our clients fill their pipeline to maximize occupancy as well as revenues through add on services.

Whether a client needs assistance with logo development, lead generation, advertising, or a new website, we offer turn-key executive suite marketing solutions which are superior to typical full service agency. Our turn-key marketing solutions include:

  • Marketing Strategy
  • Print Collateral Development
  • Website Creation & Development
  • Marketing/Sales Automation (CRM)
  • Business Networking
  • Competition Analysis
  • Broker Development
  • Lead Generation
  • Branding
  • Advertising
  • Public Relations
  • Web Marketing
  • E-mail Marketing
  • Broker Development

IT Consulting Services Learn more →

A key driver of success to any serviced office center is state of the art technology.  By offering cutting edge technology your center can remain ahead of the curve and the competition.  Furthermore, the proper technology provides your center substantial additional revenue possibilities.  Office Suite Strategies possesses the skills and experience to be your trusted resource to guide you through all of your technical decisions and purchases.  We ensure not only are you getting the right technology, but also you are getting the best value and price.  Our relationships with all of the top technology vendors ensure that you will receive the attention your center deserves.  From IT backbone, hosting, cabling and telephony services to wireless and conferencing services; we will make your center superior to the competition.  We can help you every step of the way from the decision of technology vendors and services to oversight of implementation and training of your staff in order to ensure you are getting the proper ROI on your technology investment.

Human Resource Management Learn more →

Office Suites Strategies offers complete human resources management for our clients. Under our management agreements, center employees are employees of Office Suites Strategies and all payroll, benefits, performance evaluations, counseling, coaching, and training is performed by the OSS team.   This ensures that the serviced office center owner receives maximum return on investment with little effort.  During the recruitment phase, OSS searches for candidates that possess the unique skills and abilities required for the executive center’s’ success.  After the vetting process, OSS takes new hires through a detailed training process teaching them tried and true industry sales techniques, customer service standards, and operations procedures. Employees undergo regular performance evaluations to ensure that they are meeting center success goals.

Operations Management Learn more →

Office Suites Strategies aims to give clients a streamlined experience with their serviced office centers. Our operations management systems have been honed for efficiency and effectiveness. Office Suite Strategies ensures that every piece of the business runs seamlessly from client billing to facilities maintenance.

Space Planning and Design Learn more →

Office Suite Strategies has the ability to consult with corporations and organizations about executive suite operations as part of its ongoing work to expand its core offerings as well as leverage the management team’s “brain reserve” of experience in specific areas. Consulting can be performed as appropriate to support property investment initiatives, attract customers, educate suppliers, work with vendors and many others. Primary consulting activities, as appropriate in support of the core offerings, may include:

  • Site Analysis including Efficiency Analysis
  • Market & Feasibility Studies
  • Design Programming and Cost Budgeting
  • Space Planning
  • Architectural Design
  • Design Documentation
  • Complete Interior Specifications
  • Project Management
  • Construction Consultation and Support Services
  • Staffing
  • Artwork Consultation
  • Design Documentation

Brokerage Learn more →

We are licensed brokers who assist our clients with site selection, tenant representation and contract negotiation.  Commercial Real Estate and related transactions require essential experience and expertise to protect all parties and legally execute the transaction. We possess the expertise required to effectively market a broad range of commercial real estate properties and executive suite businesses – from small local centers to large institutional quality assets. Our brokerage services assist clients in meeting all of their investment needs, whether buying or selling.  The OSS team will effectively provide qualified prospective purchasers for our client’s property and businesses.
Due to our reputation and longstanding relationships, Office Suite Strategies has access to highly targeted active investors. Our investment strategies are tailored to meet client objectives and take full advantage of market opportunities. Our unique ability to analyze each of the economic components of a business center asset and advise our clients of their best investment options is unduplicated in the marketplace. Our real estate professionals are experts in pricing assets, marketing single assets and, multi property or multi-market properties.

Sales Training Learn more →

The avenue for sustainable and ongoing success in the executive suites industry is high quality training. Training, not isolated to a particular time period during an employee’s career or to a single skill for a particular job, but as a continuum through to maintain desired sales results for your property.

In the past, training in the executive suite industry was viewed as an afterthought because once an employee knew how to perform one function, training generally ended. Now, the revenue and profit potential of your employees rise with the proper sales techniques. Consequently, training has never been more important to executive suites. training has grown so critical that the perception of it is changing from a center cost to a revenue-generating investment.

Office Suite Strategies works with property owners to increase market share through the proper training programs. We work with our clients on the design and implementation of customized training programs for the staff on all levels of sales from lead generation to building rapport, creating urgency and in turn closing the deal.

  • Lead Generation and Qualifying Prospects
  • Leadership and Motivating Others
  • Marketing Strategies to Drive Success
  • The Art of Consultative Selling
  • Driving Service Revenue
  • Making Sound Business Center Decisions
  • Winning Phone Skills & Cold Calling
  • Conducting Needs Assessment
  • Transitioning from Telephone to Tour
  • Technology Today
  • Fundamental Financials
  • The Interactive Center Tour
  • Closing Business/Getting to “none”
  • Successful Social Media Marketing

We develop our strategy exclusively for each client and property due to the numerous factors making each business situation unique. Office Suite Strategies executes only the industry’s best practices for each property to capitalize on known tools and processes which drive maximum success. Furthermore, we stay on top of the latest technology and industry trends to ensure our clients are always up to date.